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Prohibition Set – 2008

On January 16, 1920, the 18th Amendment of the United States Constitution became law and forced the shut down of all distilleries around the country. While many believe this is when the Jack Daniel Distillery closed as well, it had actually been shut down 10 years prior to nationwide Prohibition…

…To celebrate two important dates from the Prohibition era, the Distillery released a special commemorative set in 2008. Sold in 38 states across the country, these attractive 750ml bottles were designed by Michael Osborne Design, as were the coins mounted to each. Although originally proposed for the 1998 Monogram bottle, this design was later selected for the 1915 Gold Medal bottle and then once again for the bottles in this Prohibition Set. The first bottle is referred to as the 75th Anniversary bottle, marking the end of nationwide Prohibition in 1933. The other recognizes the 70th Anniversary of the end of state Prohibition in Tennessee. Both are filled with 90 proof whiskey and sold in a cherry wood display case with numbered hang tags that can be registered at the Distillery…

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